Victory is mine!

DISCLAIMER: This photo was heavily edited (poorly, in Photobucket) in order to spare you the grossness that is the area under my sink. Don't judge me.

you so dead, mousie

It was almost too easy, little Maus. I bet you have friends somewhere.

This is where I would normally make a joke about salads and the potential for tossing them, but I don't want THOSE google searches

Today is Day One of the detox/cleanse that hubby and I are doing. I'm officially fucking starving. Interestingly, celery and organic spinach didn't make me feel sated BEFORE I started this cleanse, so I'm not sure why I thought this would be any different.

Hubby has a standing Wednesday lunch manager meeting at his restaurant. He wanted to know what he'd be 'allowed' to eat. The answer is pretty much nothing - it's a pizza joint, after all - but I told him his best bet would be a salad.

He texted me: "Mmm, salad"

I texted back jealously peevishly jokingly accusing him of actually ordering a calzone.

Wordlessly, he replied:


Seriously, how in the hell did we ever entertain ourselves before camera cel phones?