Things I get in the mail: the “sometimes I get extra” version

A few weeks ago I read Sophie Kinsella’s new (possibly? I’m out of the loop) book, Twenties Girl. It was a cute story. I’m sure there was a moral in there or something, but all it taught me was that I really wanted a long, flapper-style necklace.

So I hit Etsy, because y’know, that’s what I do. I don’t actually go to stores anymore.

And anyway, it was 11:30 at night.

I found lots of lovely necklaces but chose this one from Ropes of Pearls:

I adore it. I wear it at its full length and toy with it in (what I presume) is an endearingly quirky manner. (In reality it probably just annoys the crap out of people, but shut up. I’m a flapper.) The pearls are maybe a little small for the full “flapper” effect, but that’s okay, that just means I need to get another one, and wear them both.

Anyway, in addition to my lovely necklace, Jenifer from Ropes of Pearls sent me these cute little earrings as a bonus. Except I don’t wear earrings.

Do you guys wear earrings?

(If you do, go on over to Ropes of Pearls’ Etsy shop and check it out. And then leave me a comment telling me one thing you’d like, which is kind of silly, because what I’ll be sending to one person is these earrings, duh. I think it’s to prove you went over there, or something. Obviously I’m not really clear on the giveaway formula. I just thought someone might like these earrings.)

(You know what? Just leave me a comment telling me if you’d like the earrings. And maybe mention how many times you think I said the word earrings. And then I’ll pick someone, based on who I think is coolest something random, like which piece of paper the dog sniffed first.)

(Shut up, I’m totally a professional.)

Things I get in the mail (bag lady edition)

I'm not one of those "multiple purse" people. I'm too lazy to move all my shit from one purse to another every day, so I just get one that works for almost everything and then use it until it falls apart. My last one was kind of beyond that point; it was literally hemorraghing pennies money. So, I hopped on etsy and found this from Krishna Arts:

Pretty, right? And twenty bucks. Score.

I also found these canvas totes from Dead Worry:

They don't have flat bottoms so they don't work that well for groceries, but they're great for a book bag or throwing a few things together to hand to your sitter or something.

Plus, I just like the looks people give you when you drag out a bag with an Octo-Owl on it.

Isn't this fun, kids?!

Things I get in the mail (part 1)

I spend a lot of time online. So I do a lot of shopping there, too, because I almost never have time to just go out and browse actual SHOPS.

(Except today. But apparently one cheque cleared and the one I deposited didn't, so I got to endure pitying looks instead from 19-year-old Old Navy employees as my debit card got declined. Twice. Y'know, there's probably a reason I mostly shop online.)

(Those clothes were really cute, too. Even if the jeans were a size 12 and I've never been a size 12 in my fucking life, thankyouverymuch, menopausal hormone thingies.)

(I'm kind of depressed now. What was my point again?)

ANYWAY. Online shopping. I love shopping online, and I especially love the second part of the process - getting stuff in the mail. It's like a secondary shopping rush that you don't get at the till at Old Navy especially when you don't actually get to buy anything. I really need to let this go.

I got these armwarmers a little while ago, from the lovely Lisa's etsy shop, So So Belle Boutique. She custom made them for me, and threw in a super cute coffee sleeve, too. Possibly I'm a little old to be rockin' the armwarmer look, but I don't care, they're hawt. Rock n' Roll with just enough Pretty.

So, go! Shop! And then tune in again and I'll post a necklace, or possibly a book. Maybe some kind of footwear? I don't know, I can never remember what I ordered.