My back feels better. I will attempt to get back on skates tomorrow at derby practice. If you don’t hear from me, that might be why.

On the other hand, I might just be as lazy as usual.


I feel like drawing again lately. If I use a sketching app to draw a model from a photo on the internet, is that a) pointless, b) meta, or c) Artistic with a capital A?


Speaking of faux artistic, I realized that I have 4 or 5 photo apps on my phone. You?


We have a photo shoot for our “derby personas” this weekend. I’ll be sure to show you the terrifying results. Any suggestions on what the fuck I should wear?




I don’t like the lighting now that the computer is upstairs. It makes my hands on the keyboard look like they belong to the CryptKeeper.


I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.  I think I’ll take some programming courses. Where should I start?


My four-year-old just tiptoed out and asked what that “annoying computer sound” was. Apparently I am typing too loudly for his Highness. Laters.

The future would appreciate it if I didn't take up quilting: Random Tuesday Thoughts


It's that day, y'know, the one with 'Tue' in it.

On a totally unrelated note, did you know tue means 'kill' in french?


I've been somewhat in absentia this past week in the blogosphere, because I've been sewing a dress for FoN's eldest. She needs it for her choir performances. I honestly don't mind, even though I know a bunch of you are now snickering because I don't seem like I should be able to sew, but it's really making me dread having a teenager. If this is the level of participation required to parent a child in high school, I'd like to just stunt mine at the age of 2, if you don't mind.

YES, I really can sew. Honest. Occasionally I cook, too. Let's not spread that around, ok?

I've also been busy being a human comforter for my son, who's been feeling under the weather. There's been no vomit this time, thank dawg, but he's been running a fever off and on and generally being listless. I'm convinced it's the swine flu, not because I'm a paranoid person, but because I publicly announced my intention to NOT vaccinate him against it, and that would just be the way my life works.

Okay, that makes me sound a little paranoid.

I maybe won't mention how I think the the H1N1 vaccination is just an evil plot to spread a zombie virus.

These are awesome: Old war photographs, with superheros in them. THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.

Remember that Large Hadron Collider that was supposed to be creating a mini Event Horizon? I never understood why you'd do that, because the first movie was bad enough. But anyway, lots of things have been going wrong with it, thwarting scientists' attempts to suck us all into a black hole. Now there's a theory being floated that the Higgs boson, the theoretical particle that they're trying to prove actually exists, is creating the problems from the future to ensure it isn't discovered.

Maybe I watched too much Star Trek, but I'm totally buying that.

So, you can't use "but the black hole ate my homework!" as an excuse this week. Random up, you guys!

Some thoughts on a fashion show

A local boutique clothing store, coincidentally the one that my friend Fashionista runs, held a fashion show recently to benefit summer school programs for autistic children. I'd never been to a fashion show, and it was a good cause, and oooh! fabulous clothes! I went. Aren't you wondering what I thought?

Well, too bad and shut up.

1. It doesn't matter how dressed up you are, at a fashion show you're underdressed. I should have just cut my losses and worn sweatpants. I could have eaten more of those little cupcakes they're serving.

2. OMG, I love that bag.


4. OMG! They're raffling it off! Buy buy buy!

5. Yeah, serving wine was probably a sound business decision here.

6. Okay, I know that I actually KNOW those people in real life, but they're skinny and beautiful and wearing fabulous clothes so I HATE THEM.

7. If that shirt weren't being worn by someone tall and blonde and gorgeous (WHO I HATE), she would look like Mrs. Roper.

8. Why does men's fashion usually consist mostly of things actual men won't wear?

9. Oh, right. That's the case with women too.

10. Sitting here heckling the models with a group of friends is so high school. I LOVE IT.

11. Okay, I want that.

12. That too.

13. That is HOW MUCH? BwahhahhahhahHAHHAHAH!!! Okay, never mind. I could make several mortgage payments instead.

14. Oooh, more cupcakes!

15. Okay, I didn't win the bag. I can go home now.

16. After one more cupcake. Nom.