I asked someone what to write about. She said “a song that evokes a memory”. This probably isn’t exactly what she meant.

In high school, the dude that I had the most massive crush on (and briefly dated made out with, at least until he went back to his girlfriend, who put out) drove a 1980 Monte Carlo and listened to music from the 70s.

A bit anachronistic, considering it was 1990.

He had a mix tape in his car of what he deemed “the saddest songs ever”, for some reason.  I suppose he was even angstier than me.  In the mix tape of “saddest songs ever”, the one song that got the crown for “saddest song EVVVAAAHHH”, was Bonnie Tylers Total Eclipse of the Heart

And so, long after getting over my crush, and probably after hearing plenty of other songs that were, in fact, actually SAD, I still continued to think of Total Eclipse of the Heart as “like, the saddest song EVER”.

At least, until I saw this:



Now it’s the most friggin’ hilarious song ever.  Thanks for fucking with my memories, YouTube.

Do Fun Stuff. Buy Cool Album. Support Good Cause.

Everybody likes fun stuff, right?

Do Fun Stuff is a "kids album for parents".  If you've ever cringed at the 300th repetition of a Barney jingle or gotten a bigger kick out of Feist's appearance on Sesame Street than you rightfully should have, this album is for you.  I mean, why can't we enjoy the same music as our 3-year-old?

(My favorite is Morton the Caterpillar.  I may like it a little too much.  What?  I keep hoping that someday I'll be the beautiful butterfly, okay?)

This album is the brainchild of Ryan at Pacing the Panic Room, who obviously has a lot of talented friends (all of the artists donated their time & music).  If you don't follow his blog, his oldest has Smith-Magenis Syndrome, a relatively under-researched developmental disorder.  100% of the proceeds will go to a grant fund that he's established for grad students who wish to make SMS their field of choice.  

If you click the monster below, you can preview the full album online as well as buy it on iTunes. If it's not your thing but you still want to help, there's a handy little 'donate' button.  You can also put the monster on your own blog, link to it on Facebook, or tweet using the hashtag #dofunstuff.


(Did I buy it?  Hells yes.  And I immediately put it on my kid's iXL learny-thingie to replace the obnoxious singing monkeys.  Nothing good can come of singing monkeys.)