My back feels better. I will attempt to get back on skates tomorrow at derby practice. If you don’t hear from me, that might be why.

On the other hand, I might just be as lazy as usual.


I feel like drawing again lately. If I use a sketching app to draw a model from a photo on the internet, is that a) pointless, b) meta, or c) Artistic with a capital A?


Speaking of faux artistic, I realized that I have 4 or 5 photo apps on my phone. You?


We have a photo shoot for our “derby personas” this weekend. I’ll be sure to show you the terrifying results. Any suggestions on what the fuck I should wear?




I don’t like the lighting now that the computer is upstairs. It makes my hands on the keyboard look like they belong to the CryptKeeper.


I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.  I think I’ll take some programming courses. Where should I start?


My four-year-old just tiptoed out and asked what that “annoying computer sound” was. Apparently I am typing too loudly for his Highness. Laters.


You know how sometimes I will mention something on this here blog, and then you never hear about it again?

Yeah, that’s because I didn’t follow through on it.

But you know how I mentioned going to a roller derby signup night a while ago, and then you never heard about it again?

That is because I was waiting to see if I was GOING to follow through with it.

And I did. And I am. I’m a real live aspiring derby girl, y’all.

(Having now announced it to you, I will likely break an ankle at my next practice. Oh, Universe, I am SO ON TO YOUR GAME.)

I adore it. Who knew? I mean, as much as I can love it without having actually played a game. Apparently it’s recommended that you learn to skate first.

Fishnets and superhero names* aside, it’s a real sport, not the T&A spectacles from the 70s. There are a buttload of rules, it takes actual skill, and it’s a killer workout. I feel stronger after every practice.

(Okay, not right after every practice. Immediately following each practice I feel like vomiting, eating an entire chicken dinner, and laying down on the couch to twitch, not necessarily in that order.)

But it does make me feel strong, as opposed to working out in order to feel “skinny”. It makes me feel like I can kick butt and take charge in other areas of my life. That’s probably a typical side effect of team sports, but honestly, this is the first one I’ve ever participated in. I’ve always been a “swimming or running or maybe playing squash” kind of girl. I’ve never really pushed the boundaries to learn a new skill.

I also love that all body types have a place in this sport – I’ve been watching the WFTDA 2011 Championships this weekend (live-streaming here), and there are big women, tall women, women who are so teeny they look like they’d break if you pushed them over. They’re all owning that track.

So that’s what’s going on with that. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on any actual gameplay. (I’ll refrain from posting pics of the bruises on my ass.)



*My derby name is Stabitha. I knew you were going to ask.