I didn't draw the part where I fell asleep.

I've continued to try to meditate at least once a week (I'm not very good at doing it on my own.  I have to GO somewhere).  I still have a hard time with focus.  As evidenced by the comic I drew for my quarterly contribution to our collective (clicky makes bigger):


(Yes.  I thought it up while I was meditating.  Obviously.)

Phoenix Jones and the Real Life Superhero movement. Is it too late to order that magenta bodysuit in an XL?

It probably wasn’t apparent in my little blurb last week about Phoenix Jones, Seattle’s own superhero, just how fangirl excited I am about his appearance.

Because, obviously, I am.  Hi, have you met me?  Comic-book superhero stuff combined with weird new social phenomenon?  I am so there.

And yet I am totally late to the party, because this is apparently a whole Movement, not just this one guy.  The Real Life Superheroes have apparently been operating globally for about 5 years.  They’re a very loosely organized group of individual humanitarians, social activists, environmental activists, and yes…crime fighters.  They give blood, work in soup kitchens, stage protests, and prevent muggings, all while wearing a costume.

You’d think that would get attention, and it has.  There’s a movie, The Real Life Superhero Project.  There’s a book, Heroes in the Night.  (There’s even an unofficial manual, in case you’re interested.)  And yet…not as much as attention as you’d assume, over the course of 5 years.  I mean, they are wearing spandex and patrolling the city streets.  I’m a comic book nerd and I live my life online, and yet, I hadn’t heard of them until I started looking into this Phoenix Jones dude.

Apparently, despite the flashy spandex outfits, quite a lot of the Real Life Superheroes aren’t interested in personal media attention at all.   They just want to do their part to make the world a better place, raise a little awareness about being kinder to your neighbour, and go home and hang up their capes at the end of the day like everybody else.  The irony of wearing an attention-seeking outfit while eschewing the press seems lost on them, but they’re out saving the world (which is more than I’m doing), so I guess they’re allowed to be a little quirky.

Phoenix Jones, on the other hand, is much more vocal.  And…hands-on.  In less than a year he’s already been stabbed, and last week he had his nose broken while being held at gunpoint.  He seems to think this is all in the line of duty, and is adamant that “Everyone on my team either has a military background or a mixed martial arts background, and we're well aware of what it costs to do what we do."

(Of course.  Because nobody’s ever been maimed or killed because of a cockup in the military.)

Phoenix and his ‘team’ have already been offered several reality TV opportunities, because, OF COURSE THEY HAVE, and I’ve read conflicting reports about whether he turned them down or is “considering” them. 

And, in true comic-book fashion, another Real Life Superhero has already created a public schism by calling out Phoenix Jones for his amateurism, though that persona doesn’t appear on the Real Life Superhero roster, and Phoenix Jones does.  Phoenix Jones has also informed the police that they “shouldn’t listen to” Knight Owl or Captain Ozone, as they’re not part of the team.  So nyah.  I smell Evil Arch Nemesis Origin Story, how about you?

(And does it make it worse, or does it make his message of “people looking out for people” stronger, that he apparently has a 9-5 job and a wife and kids?  What kind of wife is okay with her husband wandering the streets looking for carjackings to stop?  What kind of employer doesn’t care if you come in totally exhausted and covered in blood?  And where can I apply?)

Eccentric do-gooders, or attention whores?  I’m not sure, but they’ve certainly got MY attention.  And I’ll be watching. 

Though I draw the line at the reality show.


phoenix jones

Bagging and backing...

...is obviously something we should do more often.

(I've lost the use of my basement for several days now. It's almost enough to make a person rethink their comic nerd status.)

(I said almost.)

(Send help. And wine. And 3 more longboxes.)

The family that buys nerdy presents together...

(I bought Xander's from primobambino on etsy, and hubby bought the one I'm wearing a while ago thinking it was actually a blanket. Imagine our delight when we discovered it was actually a cape. OMG! WHAT FUN!)

(Hubby would like to point out that Xander's cape sports the movie logo, while mine has the original comic book and TV series logo.)

(We are beyond geeky at this point. It's okay to point and laugh.)

Nerdy Bits

I stumbled across this post over at The Park Bench the other day, and it really made me feel like maybe my nerd-girl credentials are a little dusty. Mostly because I don't know who the fuck Liz Lemon is. But I have been slacking off a little lately in the nerd department. I mean - what if I got all NORMAL? The shame.

So, here's what's going on in my Nerd World lately.

Champions Online, the next big superhero MMO, is now in open beta (that means anyone can give it a go)(if they're willing to sit through a several-hour download, that is). So far, I give it a resounding 'meh'. I really, reeeeaaallly wanted to love this game, because superheros and MMOs are my 'thing', and I'm getting a tad jaded about my beloved City of Heroes, after a mere 4 years of playing it.

I know! I'm so fickle. Anyway, there are lots of clever things you can do in Champions (burrowing under the earth as a travel power? Okay, that's pretty cool), but most of the missions seem like a grind (kill X amount of X) and my artsy brain just can't get past the fact that it requires some video-card-on-steroids to render a game that's essentially in 2D. We get that it's a comic book game, you don't have to put a thick black line around everything. Honest.


Season 3 of The Guild came out on Tuesday. For XBox Live subscribers, anyway. Which I am not. So if you ARE, please shutthefuckup until it's available to the rest of us, m'kay?

(If you're unaware, which I was until recently, The Guild is a web-based series about a group of MMO players. Each episode is 3-5 minutes long. Even if you don't play MMOs, it's a freakin' hilarious look at the weirdness that has evolved out of relationships over the internet. Like, say, BLOGGERS. Ahem.)


Dollhouse, Season 1. Yeah, I know it came out on DVD a little while ago, but I just got around to watching it now. I wasn't super pumped about it. The plot sounded like an excuse for a lot of scantily clad women, and I always considered Eliza Dushku to be one of the few weak links in the Buffy series. I mean, anyone can play "bad girl with a vulnerable side", and she didn't even do the 'vulnerable' part that well in my opinion. But Dollhouse? Rocks. Eliza Dushku has totally upped her game, and the storyline so far is fan-fucking-tastic.


Faunasphere, that strangely addictive little web-based gem of a game that I wrote about a while back, is now live. Anybody can sign up and play for free, and they've added a spooky new world: The Swamp.


The first in Kevin Smith's new Batman series, The Widening Gyre, came out on Wednesday. The story has definite potential, though not so much the art.


Apparently Frank Cho and Doug Murray want ME to draw their upcoming comic, 50 Girls 50. ME! Well, okay, not me specifically. If you're a comic book artist, they want you to take a shot at illustrating the first 6 pages of the script, and they'll pick a winner.

Hey, I draw comics.

Fancy that.

The Spin Cycle: Origin Story

Jen over at Sprite's Keeper has a really interesting Spin Cycle going this week fortnight. She wants to know about our blogs' life story, it's inception, it's psyche. What made us start our blogs, and why did we name them what we did?

That's right, I'm blogging about blogging, AGAIN.

The Un Mom is pretty straight forward. I'd been writing A Letter to Xander for a little while when I realized that its format - a letter to my son - was somewhat restrictive. I mean, okay, I am someone's parent, but I didn't stop being all those other things when I gave birth. I needed somewhere to write about stuff that interested just ME, that didn't relate to parenting. Things that were un-mom-like. Therefore, The Un Mom.

But when I started thinking about a redesign, I kind of knew what look I wanted, and because I'm such a comic book nerd fan it involved comics. Rachel did such a fantastic job, it was like she was in my head (She may have been. Someone rearranged the furniture up there). And then, I started to think of the Un Mom as an actual character, like kind of a super hero.

(Except for the tiny voice that says that the Un Mom sounds more like a VILLAIN. We're just going to ignore that voice. We're pretty good at ignoring voices around here).

And every supervillainhero needs a good origin story, right? Right:

The Un Mom began as plain old SuperKeely, a superheroine with no known alter ego. In truth, she didn't need one; she was who she was (except when she wasn't, and then she had a really good PR team). Ageless, she protected the city for years, her exact powers undocumented but thought to include super strength, a pretty fast uppercut, and self deception. Occasionally she would vanish for periods of time, until her ratings went back up city needed her protection again, but the citizens always knew they could count on her.

Then she did what every good superheroine does at some point; she fell in love.

But she didn't fall in love with a villain and make him have a change of heart only to have him change his mind again and betray her, and she didn't fall in love with another superhero only to have him tragically defeated by his arch nemesis. No, SuperKeely fell in love with a regular guy. A guy who had been on her PR team for a very long time, and she felt like she'd always known him, but it never even occurred to her that they should date until her BSHF (Best SuperHero Friend) pointed it out to her. That guy had seen her knocked out cold by a C-List villain, and trip over her own cape, and he loved her the whole time anyway.

So they eloped to Vegas, and settled down, and SuperKeely fought a little less crime every day. Eventually she managed to get knocked up, and she took a year off from crime fighting altogether. Unsurprisingly, the city survived, and new heroes filled the void, which was for the best because spandex is NOT forgiving of post-pregnancy saddle bags.

But SuperKeely found that even though she loved her tiny son, and adored being his mother, she missed her work. So after some major boot camp she returned to fighting crime, at least part time. But a narrow escape with a common thug made her realize something: SHE HAD MOM-BRAIN. She couldn't focus. She couldn't pay attention to fighting crime and at the same time worry about her kid at daycare, or wonder if they should have pork chops for dinner, or muse on whether bottles with BPA in them were doing permanent damage. She was going to get herself killed.

In despair, she turned to the superhero psychologist. He advised her that while she was fighting crime, she couldn't BE a parent. She had to be SuperKeely, not somebody's mother.

SuperKeely protested that she couldn't possibly do that. The superhero psychologist, who was also a witch doctor (I know, a rare breed), told her he would hypnotize her and give her a trigger word that would grant her the power to forget her child; just long enough for a four-hour shift of fighting crime. The trigger word was "un-mom".

SuperKeely was back; but secretly, she was really the Un Mom.

Is there such thing as a graphicnovelworm?

I was tagged by Dad to Two for the 'Bookworm' meme. The rules are:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 56.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next two to five sentences.
5. Don’t dig for your favorite book, the cool book or the intellectual one. Pick the Closest.
6. Tag five people to do the same.

Since most of the books to my right sport such insightful prose as "Dinosaur ROAR!" and are amputated at about page 10, I'll lean to my left...The first book in that direction is actually a graphic novel, but that counts, right?

"That's why I'm going to Australia to find out for sure."
"The hell you are! Yorick Brown, you may very well be the last man on earth! You have a responsibility to the world now!"

So...lazy Sunday post. Ya'll get like, a million nerd points if you know what that's from.

And I'm going to tag:
SavvySuzie (she may out-nerd me)
Kelly at Per Se (dude, school texts don't count)
Julie at the Cool Mom Guide (what DO cool moms read? Cause I'm not one)
and Pauvre Plume (cause I might look like I have smart friends).

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I wonder if I should have titled this post with something to bait the search engines, as Anna over at abdpbt suggested. Something like "10 ways to keep your man". Then I could have followed it up with suggestions like "Bash him over the head with a hammer and stuff him in your linen closet", and see how many authorities were called hits I got.

Do you think some Americans are finally ready to accept a black man as president because the tv show 24 and Keifer Sutherland told them it was okay? I mean, I'd drink bleach if Keifer Sutherland told me it was okay. Although I won't buy a Ford. Hm, maybe it's the visual.

My toe is itchy.

I'm reading this book called "Gargoyle" by, um, Davidson something. I got it from the library as a "Popular Pick", which means I only get it for a week, which means it's due back tomorrow. It's actually pretty good, so I should probably be finishing it instead of blogging. The last "Popular Pick" I got out was some horrid thing by Stephanie Meyer, and I didn't even finish the first chapter, because my reading time is precious these days. It wasn't the Twilight ones, but those sound stupid too. I mean, I didn't even buy the "hundreds-of-years-old vampire falls for immature teenage ditz" phenomenon from Joss Whedon, and I LOVE Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It just doesn't seem plausible. I know guys are way less mature than women and all, but in hundreds of years don't you think they should have done a little personal development?
...where was I? Oh, Gargoyle. Good book.

Do we blog because we're a little crazy, or are we a little crazy because we blog? Discuss.

I BETTER GET A BUFFY COMIC THIS WEEK. Seriously. It's like, a month overdue. C'mon people - in the middle of a story arc?? Get your shit together, I need a fix!! Don't make me come down there!

There were two Buffy references in this post. I'm a total nerd.

Makeover Artist wanted! Stacy London need not apply!

Okay, well, in honour of Hallowe'en, I want to 'dress up' this blog. I have a sense of what I'm looking for (something 3-column, 'comic-booky' with black frames...and, well, comic-y images...and NOT BLACK) but neither the time nor the wherewithall to do it.

So I'm officially taking applications (hahhahhahhHAHAHHAH!! I'm a pretentious twat). Anybody want to take on this little project? Blog designers, belly on up and email me at keelyblogs[at]gmail[dot]com your willingness & approximate cost.

(I'm not necessarily looking for 'cheapest', I'm looking for someone who 'gets' what I'm looking for in a design.)

(Gawd, that sounded pretentious again. Somebody help me.)

(I'm going to stop now.)

This is about as deep as I get

In the interest of making this blog more about "me", I've added a weekly Superheroine (see sidebar). I'll post a new one every Monday. My superheroines are just like us, except they fight crime instead of dust bunnies, attend Justice League meetings instead of PTA functions, and look fantastic in spandex.

I feel compelled to point out that I was a comic nerd long before Hollywood ran out of movie plots and began pirating every comic book, video game, and crappy merchandising gimmick available (please, nobody tell me that there is/was/will be a Bratz movie. I'm sure it's true, but to know with utter certainty will force me to perform a murder-suicide and take out my entire family). Ages before everyone else knew who Wolverine was, I had a total crush on "Patch". I sort of blame the A-ha video for making my hobby worse; if I just read enough comics, someone might offer their ink-and-four colour hand and help me into that world.

Don't get me wrong. I'm on board with the cross-pollination of genres. Every first-year art student knows you're supposed to push the borders. And, fangirl that I am, I totally squee when they get it right. I just kind of think some things are best left true to their form. With enough inbreeding, all you produce is mutants, ya know? And not the cool kind that read your mind or shoot lasers out of their eyes. The squalling kind that wear their guts on the outside and should be put out of their misery at birth.

(Okay, that would be kind of cool too.)