Hmm, mojitonog, has possibilities: Random Tuesday Thoughts



I’m back!  Back!  Also, on holidays.  Brain…turning to sweet, sweet mush.

I put up a blog post yesterday about my inlaws and then felt guilty and took it down (it’s probably in your reader though).  Christmas wasn’t THAT bad.  The following conversation, however, absolutely canNOT go unrecorded:

FIL (inspecting a bottle of Purple Cowboy wine that had been given to me): I’ve never heard of this wine.

Me: That’s what Brother-In-Law got me for Christmas! Cool, huh? 

FIL: Well, I guess that’s what you buy for alcoholics.

Me: …..

      …...I need a drink.

(I’m opting to believe that he was trying to be funny.)

I went for a bra fitting today, having never had one and having been hiking my bras up off my belly button for quite some time now.  I am…not even REMOTELY close to the size I thought I was (cup sizes go up to what now?!!), and I spent over a hundred dollars on one bra

But my rack looks great.

(First person to ask for pics gets a slap upside the head with a tuna.)

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater…in gingerbread.

I’m drinking nog out of my mojito mixing glass.  My seasonal beverages of choice are at odds.

One of my Xmas gifts:


It’s a cookie jar.  The best cookie jar EVER.  Since it can also be used as a distraction during the Zombie Apocalypse.

In addition to the wine and the receptacle for baked goods, I also got a Tassimo (which rocks).  Yes, all of my gifts had something to do with food and beverages.  I’m either really hard to buy for, or I look like I’m wasting away.

We’ll go with that.

What’d YOU get?  C’mon, spill it!

(But…clean it up afterwards.)

I'd write something here about the Star Wars Christmas Special, but I can't relive that pain: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Whee! It's the last Tuesday before Christmas!

You know what that means? Only two more days before people stop asking me, "Are you ready for Christmas? Are you ready for Christmas? Are you ready for Christmas? Do you have your Christmas shopping done? Are you ready for Christmas?"!

And only two more days before I can stop replying, "Fuck off! Do you even KNOW me? Of course I'm not ready for Christmas!"

Also, it means it's Random Tuesday Thoughts round this here joint. I KNOW your brain is scattered around this time of year, so here's where it pays off. Babble a bit, maybe rant about the inlaws, and tie it together with a fugly purple wrapper (that would be the button). And then link up! One more thing off your holiday to-do list.

Shall we begin?

So, are you guys ready for Christmas?

For reasons I may or may not divulge later, hubby and I went on a little day trip to a neighbouring city today. It's about a 2-1/2 hour drive. Because regular radio sucks and neither of us had the forethought to bring anything other than the same 5 cds that have been in our car for over a year, we listened to news talk radio the whole way.

Why didn't anybody TELL me that the world is going to hell in a handbasket? I'm kind of depressed now.

The kidlet stayed at Grandma & Grandpa's place while we were gone. He decided that while sleeping in Mom & Dad's bed is cool for naptime, sleeping in Grandma & Grandpa's doesn't hold the same appeal. So he wanted to sleep on the dog's bed.

Whatever. He napped, that's the important part.

I may have mentioned that I do the bulk of my Christmas shopping online, in October and November. Sometimes I forget I've bought something for someone already. Okay, quite a few times. Some people are just easier to buy for, ok?

Anyway. I finally opened all the packages today. Apparently I saw fit to order THREE extra gifts for my niece. I would say I'm covered for a birthday or two, but what are the chances I'll remember where I put the additional presents?

Ever felt like your current weather is so weird you're on another planet? Like, say, one in the Star Wars galaxy? Wonder no more.

Why is it totally legit to eat 5 lbs of Skittles on road trips? Or did I just make that rule up in my head? I feel bloated.

Best coffee shop EVER.

Today hubby said, "Last year it was so easy to shop for you for Christmas - you posted everything on your blog!". Bah. He must have missed the post this year. No light saber chopsticks for me, I guess.

I'm sure I'll get something good anyway. Ahem.

Like lots of great RTT posts! Ooooh, sorry, lame segue. Blame the nog. Then link up!

4 pictures that pretty much sum up my New Years Eve

So after whining so much about going off to hubby's hometown for New Years, you didn't think I'd skip blogging about it, did you? Well actually the trip turned out to be rather pleasant. And we did go out with his sister & BIL for a New Years Eve dinner which, while providing a great steak and some great conversation, had a distinctly small-town flair to it. Here's four pictures that sum up how:

1. If "Leesa" is indeed her real name.

2. As this was explained to me: They open a bag of Doritos. Throw in some ground beef, salsa & sour cream and shake it up. Then they hand it to you, breaking all kinds of health regulations in the process, I'm sure. Nom nom nom *gag*

3. Um, yeah.

4. Note to Self, if Self ever gets the bright idea to open a bar in a small town: If your patrons feel they have a personal relationship with their Video Lottery Terminals, they may be inclined to gamble more. You know, to show their new friends "a good time". Use handmade signs for that personal touch.

...that was all. We were home by 8:30. But it WAS good steak.

Men: Can't live with them, and you'd think it would be easier to poison them for the insurance money

So I may have whined excessively mentioned yesterday that we're spending a few days in hell hubby's hometown for a belated Christmas with the inlaws. He intended to get the Honda serviced at the dealership and then hit the road. So this morning, he said, "I just have to pack.".

He threw some socks and underwear into a duffle bag, picked out a couple of comics to read while we're there, and announced, "Okay, good to go.".

Really? Okay, just give me a few minutes to pack my clothes & toiletries, pack our son's clothes and toiletries, pack his diapers, butt wipes, formula, bottles (which need to be washed first), snacks, a couple of toys, his Pack n' Play, crib blankets, high chair, snow pants, and infant Advil.

Oh, and the dog's food, dishes, treats, and leashes.

And the Christmas gifts.

NOW we're good to go.