Yo ho, a pirate's life for me

I dreamt I was a pirate queen.

My crew was dead or dying so I set out on my own, leaving my beloved ship behind. I proved my notoriety to a ship and her crew, charmed her captain, climbed her mast and swung from her bow. I kissed the redhaired captain passionately even as I saw cyclones, black in the sky, approaching us from the east.

We bolted for the safety of my own ship as the waves broke my lovers proud vessel to shreds, and I laughed with the sheer enormity as I gripped crew members tight to keep the dark water from closing over their heads.

We washed up near my own black ship, bedraggled but alive, my arm around the redhaired captain's waist. I claimed them as my own, welcomed them to their new home, took the captain as my first mate and into my bed.

Then I explained to them that I was married with children, and I had to go, and left them standing bewildered on the weathered deck.

I woke mourning the life of pirate adventure I never had, and wept for the crew I left behind.