Random Tuesday Thoughts (Resurrected)

I'm home sick today. Sick! In the middle of summer! FUCKING UNACCEPTABLE. There are a very limited number of days in this part of the country where one can actually enjoy being outside, without freezing to death or getting blown away or coating oneself in industrial-grade bug spray. Summer owns the bulk of those days, so to be sick during the summer is a crime against humanity, really.

Today is not actually one of those days, though. It's pouring rain and there are tornado warnings. So I guess I'll stop being melodramatic. Ahem.

I forgot when I pledged to write a 'book' in July that there was going to be an entire week where I just opted out of life.

Okay, it was vacation. I went on vacation. Just shut up and let me be melodramatic, ok?

We go to Clear Lake every year and do nothing. Well, not nothing. Hiking and swimming and drinking and eating. Mostly those last two. (Seriously, there's a ridiculous amount of eating.) Writing isn't on the official list of Nothing, so it's coming along a little slower than planned, but I'm not bailing out on it like I bail out on everything else.


We don't watch real TV in the UnMom household. We watch Netflix and movies and YouTube, and play a gross amount of video games, but no actual TV with actual commercial breaks. Except when we go to Clear Lake, where there is no WiFi and my poor 7 year old is forced to watch peasant-vision. (I have to put the 'un' in 'UnMom' somehow.) It's spooky how after a couple of days, he's wanting to visit "Sleep Country" and chiding us for not "taking out life insurance" or purchasing some kind of ear wax remover thing. Like, he is solidly committed to those products and how they'll improve our lives if we just buy them, mom, we should just buy them. How did our own parents ever survive the onslaught?

Pluto has a TAIL, you guys!

This is fun. I forgot how much fun verbal diarrhea is!

I never spell that word right the first time. Ever.

Annnnd now I need a nap. It's hard to believe that once upon a time I did this every Tuesday. Stacey still does, so you should go give her kudos.