One meeeeeleeon dollars! [puts pinky at corner of mouth]

Soooo if you go back and read the previous post, you will see that I am apparently psychic. Or at least my post titles are. Because - and I'm not even shitting you a little bit - it was not within the week, but as soon as it got cold and critters needed somewhere to stay, guess whose house got some mouse guests?

Okay, so it's not rats. But I figure if I go for a big ask (see post title) and I even get half of that, I'M DOING OK.

Anyway I took care of the mouse bidness because I am Mouse Hunter, hear me roar, see post from 2009.

You might want an update on the whole "might have lupus" situation, and I am pleased to tell you, I don't have lupus. Probably. The rheumatologist seemed fairly certain but caveated that with, why don't you keep feeling like shit for 6 months and we'll test you again?

Basically my blood work is fine, "with some glitches", but said glitches do not add up to anything right now.

So, good. Except for the part where I still fall asleep at 7:30 every night, or I could if I didn't force myself to stay awake until 10 because that's what normal people do goddammit. And the part where I have such ongoing brain fog that I'm pretty sure I'm just one of the dumb people now. Hopefully I don't get fired.

My GP has run every test she can think of and has basically given up. She suggested a naturopath, which I'm pretty sure is code for "please go away and stop bothering me", and also "you will never eat or drink anything good again".  Oh, and also code for "I hope you have one meeeeeleeeon dollars because naturopaths are fucking expensive".

So, universe, you'd better pony up.