State of Affairs, Part 1

So, what have I been up to? Oh, quite a lot, actually. It’s finding the time to blog about it that I struggle with. Today one of the new employees at work said to me, “Are you a blogger? You seem like you would be a blogger.”

I don’t know. Am I a blogger? I didn’t know how to answer her, mostly because I couldn’t tell whether she considered ‘being a blogger’ a positive thing or not. I hedged my bets and said I was, but I didn’t blog much anymore.

So, just to be contrary, here I am. Blogging.

Anyway! While we’re on the topic of work, here is my costume for Talk Like a Pirate Day this year:

2012-09-19 10.05.26

(Here’s last years’.)

I was pretty proud of it. I put a lot of detail into it – I was even drunk on rum for authenticity!* -  but I still didn’t win Pirate of the Year. Not even close. Next year I’m going to have to chop off a hand or a leg or something.

Hallowe’en is coming up. Got any prize-winning suggestions?

My basement is still in a sorry state. Actually, you know what? I don’t want to talk about my basement. It’s likely we’ll spend another winter without useable basement space, and it’s equally likely that somebody will get stabbed. It may even be me.

My kid went off to kindergarten. Gah! Kindergarten. If you know my son at all, or read my other blog, you know he marches to the beat of his own drummer. In fact, the absolute worst thing you can say to him is “Everybody else is doing it!”. (Unless, of course, you are actually aiming to get him to do the opposite. Except that would be the one time he’d go with the crowd. Just to fuck with you. That is my child. I can’t imagine where he gets that from.)

He wore a SpiderMan costume on the second day. He’s worn a dragon costume. I have already had to establish a communication journal with the teacher due to small reports such as, “When I get everyone’s attention with the drum, Xander will keep chatting. When I speak with him about it, he says, ‘I heard you the first time.’"”.

So, yes. That is fun. I have a bit of a hard time with it as I want him to be able to wear his costumes and do his own thing for as long as possible. So many aspects of his personality will be valued later on, so I don’t want them squashed out by the melting pot that is public school. On the other hand, I don’t want to have to micromanage his education for the next 12 years either.

I’m sure it will work out.

This will be a really long post if I keep going so maybe it’s a two-parter.

What’s new in your state of affairs?


*If you are my boss: Not really. If you are everyone else: well, a little.