Life Stuff

Last week someone from my derby league demanded to know when I was going to blog again.

"I don't know," I snarked, "there has been this thing taking up all of my time. I THINK IT'S CALLED ROLLER DERBY."

Seriously, derby does take up a lot of time. 

But, mostly, I haven't blogged because I'm just not doing anything. I am weeding my garden. I am working industriously to build a patio out of the part of my yard that has been an unused dog run for 6 years. 

(By "working industriously", I mean "hiring the bobcat operator and picking out bricks".)

(I am also "working industriously" to re-finish my basement, and that "working industriously" means hiring the concrete contractor but also taking a week off of work to frame and drywall. Whee.)

I am going to 4-year-olds' birthday parties and playdates. I am playing in the sprinkler. I am going to meetings, going for runs, registering my child for kindergarten, hanging out with friends, making mojitos. I am doing things, I guess, but just Life Stuff. 

Regular old Contented Life Stuff. It's pretty boring unless you're me, and then it's pretty sweet.