On a plane

ooops. I forgot to blog yesterday. In my defense, I was on planes.

Also, being detained through airport security a couple of times. Apparently, I look awfully suspicious, because my boarding pass was stamped with a quadruple "S".

Did you know that? That "SSSS" on your boarding pass means you've been flagged for extra security checks? "Random" checks are not that random, or at least they're random, but starting the moment you check in.

I'm thinking they could have come up with a better acronym, myself. Or maybe it's an obscure reference to being a Snake on the Plane.

I have no idea why I was chosen. The first flight ,the other lucky recipient was the father of a very wholesome looking family, so it probably really WAS random, although it's possible that I'm on a List somewhere, I suppose. I have a shady past, if you count that one time I slept on a foreign beach and that time I didn't inhale in college. (Er, ok, high school.) My co-worker has declared she's never travelling with me again. At least the security checks were very polite and stopped short of body cavities?

Anyway, we arrived in Atlanta fine, but very late. Atlanta smells nice, everybody is very polite and it's raining, that's about all I have to say about that so far. Probably I will blog TWICE today, aren't you lucky?