I know why you come here. It’s for the scintillating conversation.

Ack! I’m terrible at this daily posting thing. See? I told you, I’d start to fail around day 5. Or 7. I forget what I said, that was 3 whole posts ago.

(Who are you people again? Did I wake up here? Why is the cat in the oven?)

I have an excuse for blogging at 11pm, though. I went to the Avengers movie.

I know, my life is full of heavy responsibility.

You should go see it too. It’s awesome, even if you’re a comic book person, which is not something you can say about most comic book movies. Most comic book movies leave comic book people with a vague sense of unease, like there is a tear in the fabric of their universe that can’t be repaired.

Comic book people! They’re so sensitive.

Tomorrow I’m going to head out to Atlanta. Not on a whim, though it would be nice to be able to do such things, and not even primarily to see Becky, although that is definitely on my agenda. I’m going for a conference. Work-related. An entire conference about digital marketing, which will be super helpful for my job, and probably make me think about how much more I could be doing for my blog, too.

Like, writing something funny, for instance.

So I probably won’t have much to say about that. I might have something to say about Atlanta though, we’ll see.

Tomorrow, for example, I will likely say something along the lines of “Atlanta is hot and the taxi ride was exciting, I’m going to bed now.”

I’m going to bed now.