Finally, I have a super power. Sort of.

Since we’ve lived in our house (6 years), there have been four water-related disasters. I flooded the house (though it was the dog’s fault), the roof leaked in the living room, the spring seepage grew black mold that made us all extremely sick, and then the dog flooded the house herself.

This weekend, Xander and I went out to spend a couple of days at my parent’s “Ranch”. While we were there, a pipe burst and water poured out all over the basement.

“I’m beginning to suspect I’m cursed,” I whined to my brother when he called later. (Because that’s what I do when I only talk to to someone every 6 months, I whine. Actually maybe that’s WHY he only talks to me every 6 months?)

“Possibly,” he agreed. “How’s roller derby going?”

“Really good. We’re into our new practice space. But I haven’t been able to skate outside yet, every time I put my outdoor wheels on my skates it rains.”

“So what you’re saying,” he mused, “Is that water everywhere reacts to you negatively.”


“You’re controlling all the water in the world.”


I’m the Anti Aqua Woman!

Or something. I’ll have to work on the costume. But still! I finally have a real super power!

Which is awesome, because “Drinks Too Much Wine Woman” and “Makes Inappropriate Jokes At Daycare Board Meetings Woman” just weren’t really doing it for me.