Fail better

I am never promising to post every day in a month again. I just fail, every time. 

Failure is a theme this past week. I've failed at my diet. I failed at managing the ire of some clients. I failed to finish both derby practices last week, feeling faint halfway through the first and actually throwing up, halfway through the second.

"Maybe you're pregnant?" offer people who don't know the whole history of my uterus.

No...that part of me is also a failure, I want to tell them. But I don't. I say clever things like, "Uh...highly unlikely".

I blame the rain for all these grey feelings. It's been raining for a week straight, and although it is often miserably cold here in the baldass prairies, we actually get more sunshine hours than most other places. I like my big open sky and I like my sun. Vitamin D only remedies so much.

Rain, overwhelmingly, makes me want to curl up on the couch and opt out of life. I have no idea how I survived two years in Vancouver. 

Anyway, tomorrow the sun is supposed to return. So I'll consider today the end of feeling sorry for myself, and tomorrow the start of my more successful week. Failure just gives you the opportunity to learn, right?



(Hope all of my 'merican pals are enjoying their nice, long, sunny weekend.)