All, and nothing.

Clearly I am falling down on the job a little with this "posting every day in May" endeavour. Last night I had full intentions of blathering on about my day, but then my 4-year-old requested that I lie down with him, and that never ends well.

Well, it ends with me waking up at midnight, confused, cramped and cold on a crappy foam mattress, which we should really replace for him, especially if it continues to affect ME.

Anyway, you didn't miss much, is my point.

You can probably skip this one too, since I'm cramming it in to my lunch hour because tonight I have a daycare board meeting AND derby practice. Those two things don't go together at all, and I feel a bit like I'm spread across the universe when they land on the same day. 

(This Saturday there is a community festival where I am working two different booths, one for a nice charity for kids and the other for roller derby. I must remember to make sure I'm wearing the right outfit to each.)

(No wonder I'm always so scattered.)

I feel like in my 20s, everbody else was really dim because they didn't grasp concepts right away or remember what a client said about their project 6 weeks ago. Now that I'm sliding to the end of my 30s, I feel lucky that I can grasp concepts right away, and vaguely threatened that someone should expect me to remember what a client said about their project yesterday. Unless I wrote it down. Then I'm golden.


This post is obviously about nothing at all, and everything all at once.