Without stating the obvious...

Oh my god you guys, today was beautiful. Like, 86 degrees and breezy and sunny and BEAUTIFUL. Do you know what that means? Do you? IT MEANS SUMMER IS HERE, MOTHERFUCKERS.

Those of you in a less bipolar climate probably don't have the same...stirrings...around this time of year. It doesn't matter to you that a person can suddenly, say, leave the house without 45 minutes preparation. One can start their car and not have to wait 15 minutes for it to warm up. One can wear light, cute jackets. One can go outside without... scurrying.

Summer is a time of much more social activity. You remember who your neighbours are. You chat over the fence. You get invitations to barbecues, daily. You go boating and sit in the grass and admire the sound of dirt crunching under your shoes.

Summer is like coming back to life.

You go to parades and festivals. You go for walks and bike rides. You plant things that grow, your life is just a little easier.



Your water bill suddenly skyrockets.

Can't imagine why.

(He does that every. Single. Day. Just...fills the entire sandbox with water.)

(It's a small price to pay.)


(SUMMER, you guys.)