I'd cheer more but I'm feeling rather weak. Pass me that pastry?

Late post today. I was out trying to burn off those nachos I had for lunch. Also, those stolen bites of DQ Blizzard. And...some other stuff.

I'm back on the dieting bandwagon again. Can you tell?! Yayyayayyayayyaya starvation!

(Dieting apparently enhances my sarcasm. Yet another fabulous benefit.)

This time I'm using MyFitnessPal to self-torture, er, track calories. I have used SparkPeople in the past, and it is still very good, but MFP has an added social component. You can get encouragement from friends, and let them see what you ate and did for exercise if you want.Supposedly you lose up to three times more weight if your friends can shame you for that chocolate blackout.

(You've never blacked out and eaten ALL the chocolates? Just me?)

Is anybody else using MyFitnessPal? I need people to chide me about my nachos-for-lunch choices, but also people who tell me it's totally okay to eat that whole snickerdoodle cake after midnight, everybody does it. I have openings for both good cops and bad cops. I'm SuperKeely on MFP if you want to look me up.

(Well, I'm SuperKeely most places, but there too.)

Yayyayayyyayayay team starvation?