And where is his protective gear?!

I went for my first outdoor skate this weekend. Even though we've had nice weather for quite a while, it seemed like every time I put my outdoor wheels on my skates, it would rain.

So I finally got to go! Extra skating! Yayyayyayyayay! [wave arms in the air Kermit-style]

Also see: Holy crap, is that ever hard work. Like, way harder than at practice. There are rocks, and sticks, and wind. And places where it is uphill

(Both ways!)

I went with a derby pal and we stopped at one point, mostly because we were tired after a whole 10 minutes, but also to check out this guy.

He was standing on top of a bridge with a UNICYCLE, trying to steel himself to ride it over the arc. His friends were giggling on the shore with a flip cam.

"I say he goes sideways," my friend speculated.

"Nah. With the curve, he'll either go backwards and fall on his face, or he'll go forwards and crack the back of his head on the edge before his limp body falls onto the bridge," I replied.

She raised an eyebrow at me. "I hope he goes sideways," she repeated.

"I hope he chickens out and just doesn't do it," I said. (What? I have SOME piece of my soul left, honest.) 

He delayed for so long - hemming and hawing and "OMG"ing - that we go bored and skated on.




I know, you expected a more spectacular end to that story, didn't you? So did I.

YouTube has completely ruined us as a society.