Spare some change?

Today I moved desks at work. 

It wasn't an earth-shattering move; one of my co-workers moved down the hall and so I snagged her desk. I'm tired of having my back to the door. I'm not easily startled, but I don't want anyone to sneak up on me while I'm, say, blogging.

You wouldn't think that this sort of thing would have an impact on your life. It's the same room, the same co-workers, the desk is identical. Except that it's backwards.

I've found myself mildly unsettled by this all day. My pens are in the wrong spot. My files need to go somewhere new. The desktop on my computer got reset when I unplugged everything to move it. People walk into the office and pause, expecting to see someone else where I'm sitting. This one tiny change in the status quo has caused ripples.

I like to think that people are adaptable; we accommodate social change, geographic change, losses, death. But we are also creatures of habit, of routine. We get used to having things a certain way, we find comfort in them.

I find comfort in them too, but I'm also of the belief that routine breeds closed minds. Too much comfort creates fear of the unknown. Fearful, closed minds are dark. They scorn. They hate. They resist understanding.

So I force myself to change it up occasionally, even little things. Take a different route to work. Shop at a different grocery store. Wear that shirt that's in the back of the closet that I never felt comfortable in. Change is good. 

But sometimes I really have to force it. A minor shift in my everyday perspective can chafe more than an entire trip to another country. 

What tiny thing have you changed lately?