Absence makes the butt grow fonder.

I missed posting yesterday. It was because, I was, once again, on planes.

(Also, once again, being flagged by security/customs. Hello, Canadian Customs agents, thank you for not being too creepy about fondling all of my dirty underwear.)

(Do I look like a spy? I must look like a spy. Natasha Romanova, I’m next in line for your job.)

I loved Atlanta and everything and everybody in it, but I won’t lie, I was glad to get home to my menfolk. I got home late last night so I basically mumbled a ‘hello’ to Alfred and fell asleep. Promptly at 7am my four-year-old crawled into bed with us.

“Hi, buddy,” I whispered. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too, Mama,” he told me. “Can I stick my butt in your face?”

Then he laughed maniacally.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all. May you all be similarly blessed.