The touristy bits

Our conferencing is complete, so today we went to some tourist parts of Atlanta. This included the World of of Coca-Cola (CokeWorld?), the Georgia Aquarium, taking the right bus but in the wrong direction, and meeting up with Becky.


That's Becky & I, rendered in Coke bubbles and suitably branded. You don't get out of the World of Coca-Cola without their stamp on you somewhere.

Did you know Atlanta is the birthplace of Coca-Cola? I actually didn't. Apparently, people don't offer you a "pop" or a "soda" here, they offer you a coke. Then they tell you what kinds they have.

It's the little things.

World of Coke was a tribute to the amazing marketing machine that Coke has been for 126 years, and then they let you sample all their products, including the ones that are popular in other countries. I have to say some other countries have strange taste in beverages, but it was fun.

Then we had a Googie burger in the park, where there was better wifi than I'm currently getting (and paying for!) in the hotel.

Then, aquarium. There were fish. It was really cool but I always feel mildly guilty about the animals. I'm sure those stingrays just LOVE to be poked repeatedly.

That didn't stop me from poking them, mind. But still. I'd break them out if I could.

I figured I walked for about 5 hours today. That seems like a lot. My feet agree. I'm about ready to go home, I think.

What do y'all have going on?