I tell you that I'm going to write more (whether it's good or not) and then I disappear for a week. I know, I know.

It's this mythical "Life Balance" thing. Have you heard of this elusive unicorn? I thought I had actually achieved a reasonable approximation of it. Or at least as close as you can get without cloning. I was all like, I have a great job and a reasonable amount of energy and I'm exercising and eating ok and my house is not a total biohazard (no more so than usual) and I'm scheduling time to blog. I even have time to read a book or two!

Then I realized I hadn't exchanged more than 3 words with Alfred in days, and my kid thought Bob the Builder was going to be the one showing up at parent-teacher interviews.

Okay. Well, I can massage that all in. I'll just move this workout and skip doing the dishes, and have takeout ONE day a week, it's not much to sacrifice to spend quality time with my family.

Oh, and my friends. Right. I should spend time with them too. Okay, so I'll skip a workout and go out for lunch with them, and spend some time on the phone instead of blogging.

Wait. That was the whole point. Also, what about those two committees I volunteered for? I sort of forgot about them.

OKAY. So I'll move the workout, skip the dishes, eat takeout TWO days a week, make some phone calls and stay up a little later. Eating nachos.

And....you see how this goes. You KNOW how this goes.

I don't think it's a Life Balance. I don't buy that anymore. I think it's a Life Rotation. This week I am a stellar exerciser but a crappy parent. Next week I am a junk food eater but a great friend. The week after I'll have an immaculate house and be avoiding emails asking why I haven't completed my responsibilities.

I wonder when I get to be a fantastic astronaut and a terrible surgeon? That will be fun.

Where do you strike YOUR balance?