Quantity over quality

It's not exactly a resolution, because we know how well I fare with those (if you're new here, spoiler: not very), but I promised myself that I would try to do two things about blogging this year. The first was blog more, because posting twice a month is a scant step up from not posting at all. The other was to take myself less seriously.

I can hear you laughing from here - because obviously I don't take myself seriously at ALL. What I mean is, I will stress less about whether the post is actually GOOD. I mean, I will try to make it good. For you guys. But sometimes, well, it's just going to be what's going on in my brain. Except in post form.

So regarding the first pledge, I bought a little keyboard dock for my tablet and told myself I'd go off on Sunday afternoons and sit in a coffee shop somewhere and blog. That hasn't happened yet. I mean, it's Sunday afternoon, and I'm sitting in front of my teeny keyboard attempting to blog, but I'm in my kitchen. It's cold out there and I don't feel like buying a $5 coffee shop calorie-fest.

Seriously, this keyboard is REALLY fucking small and annoying to type on. Seems like I'm doing okay with the "mental vomit" part of my resolution. So that's the deal. You may see more of me, it may not be that good. Or maybe you won't, and it will. Or! Maybe you won't, and it STILL won't be that good.

Actually, that seems likely.

Aren't you glad I share these things with you?