All byyyy myyyyseelllfff

Well!  That was a fun experiment, in an “I’m going to give this dive bar a try and wake up the next day with a vague sense of self-loathing and in desperate need of a shower” kind of way.  And now back to my regularly schedule programming of blocking IP addresses.

How was your long weekend?  For reasons unexplained* I dedicated mine to potty bullying training and a total ban on diapers, so mine was shitty.  Heh.

But the cosmos is making up for it next weekend, when Alfred is taking Xander out of town to visit the MIL.  So I will be alone in the house.  Alone!  In my house!  That never happens for more than an hour or so – whatever will I do with my time?

Actually, I think I promised to help someone build a garage (I know: say what?), and there will likely be some cleaning and organizing and yard work, but still!  Alone!  In my house!  I miss alone time.  I know every mother and wife says that, but eventually other people get bored and lonely.  Not I – Alfred and Xander could leave for a month and I would certainly miss them, but I wouldn’t be bored or lonely. In fact, I’m thinking I should outlive Alfred just to have the house to myself again at some point.

That not a…plan or anything.  Get your fingers off 911.

What else can I overshare with you? Oh, I know.  In a last-ditch effort to be cool, next week I’m going to check out the local roller derby teams’ info/signup night.  Because nothing says “37 year old mother” like rollerskates and fishnets and getting beaten to a pulp.

(Did I mention that when I was sick last month I actually cracked a rib coughing? FoN said, “Gawd, I thought you had a sinus infection, not osteoporosis.”)

What could possibly go wrong?


*Actually the daycare director informed me that’s what I was doing. She’s persuasive that way.