I would never boycott you guys

I’m having a hard time coming up with content. I know this is something that everybody struggles with, this “lack of content”. But I also know that good writers can take no content and somehow make it seem interesting, and therein lies my angst. I do, occasionally, when I’m feeling saucy, consider myself a good okay writer, but clearly if I can’t make my boring life interesting for you guys, I am not.

Pause for self-pity.

Anyway. Speaking of not having a life, did you guys happen to notice – for the 45 minutes that I let his comment stay on my blog – that the “John Rambo BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN” guy is back?  I thought perhaps he’d gotten bored and wandered off. Or that I’d managed to block all of the IP addresses at that racetrack in India he’d been visiting from. But no!  He’s back, and apparently, he’s been absent because he’s been busy writing a book.

(Also, the people in India have kicked him out of the country for molesting their NON-AMERICAN women – I assume – because he’s now surfing the web from sunny Nepal.)

It goes completely against my personal rules to give this troglodyte any screen time at all, but the book thing is fascinating.  I just…have to wonder what he’s trying to accomplish.  (Other than giving self-publishing a bad name, that is.)

I mean, I assumed that he was just a troll. If he was really dedicated to the cause of convincing poor, deluded American men that they should be forsaking their countrywomen, would he be wasting time leaving obnoxious comments on mommy blogs? Where the majority of readers are – get this – AMERICAN WOMEN? No, he’d be on sites like Maxim and tech blogs and survivalist forums, waving his flag and gathering the troops. So I figured he was just trying to stir up shit.

But a book, well, that’s real dedication to the cause of trolling, now, isn’t it?

(Also included in his latest spam comments – link to a website where you can purchase an Indian bride! An author and an entrepreneur, what a catch this guy is! AMERICAN WOMEN are totally missing out.)

Don’t you kind of wish people like that would write the real story about why they’re so fucking bitter and douchetastic? Now there’s some “content”. Maybe a story of star-crossed lovers? A tale of jealousy and rage that ended with a midnight plunge from a cruise liner and a dramatic rescue from an Indian fishing boat?

On the other hand…he’s probably just an asshole.