Some stuff that is going on while I don’t blog about the other stuff I’m avoiding blogging about

So, how’s your summer wrapping up?  I keep reading stuff about back-to-school and whatnot, but I don’t really have to deal with that yet.  Thank goodness.  I took a peek at someone’s list of demands requested school supplies for their 11-year-old and had to sit down for a few moments.


Last week was kind of cool and had a distinctly autumn feel to the air. I felt a little depressed, like I’d missed half the summer and here I should be dressing in cute cowled sweaters and tall boots already. I’m on my second round of antibiotics now – with the cough, that’s 5 weeks of lost mojito-drinking time! But this week it’s blazing hot again, so I put the boots away.

(I really do like those boots though.)

My garden this year was dismal.  I sort of abandoned it, what with being sick and all, and the wasps took over my raspberries, the lettuce all died unpicked, and my cucumber plants produced approximately 3 cukes.  I didn’t get much, unless you count beans.  I’m awash in green beans, beanoriffic, full of beans, all beaned up.

Good thing I like beans.  I could share, though, if anybody wants any.

As appears to be my tradition in August, I went to the doctor (a new doctor – omg, such a long story but yes, new doctor) and got news I didn’t want to hear.  I was hopeful that my less-stressful new job was contributing to the return of my hormones, but sadly, not the case.  I’m still firmly in menopause for no good reason.  Also, I have high cholesterol.

This is turning out a bit random.  That isn’t a hint or anything. This Tuesday is random entirely by coincidence.

Also depressing.  Sorry, I’m actually feeling much better.

What are you up to?