Land ho

2011-06-30 19.05.26


Every summer I do this.  I purchase dirt.

Every summer part of me marvels at the absurdity of it.  I mean, I’m buying dirt.  Dirt.  The stuff you can dig up anywhere, that is generally equated with no monetary value whatsoever.  (“Cheap as dirt” is actually not a very good saying, since this little pile here cost me $146.  One hundred and forty six dollars for dirt.)

But there is another tiny part of me that gets immense satisfaction out of it.  It’s as though I feel like I own more of my property now, or something.  If I foreclose on my mortgage, I can be all, “No way, that pile there is bought and paid for.  Imma take that with me.”

Now I just need someone to shovel it.

(You people living on farms and beaches can stop laughing at me now.)

In related news, there’s this:



The first mojito of the season.

(Yeah, I mix them straight in the shaker.  It’s bigger.  Shut up.)

Man, I love summer.