Up and running

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but apparently it’s summer now. There are leaves on the trees and everything. (And mint in my garden for mojitos.)

What does that mean?  Well, that I can go outside, obviously.  Though I love my new job, it’s a little less active than my last job.  Which wasn’t very active, but occasionally involved running up the stairs to the printer.  At the new job, I get up to walk to the boardroom. 

Which is the room next to my office.

If you’re keeping score at home, which you’re probably not, because there’s absolutely no reason why any sane person would do that, you’ll remember that last summer I was rather unnerved to find that I enjoyed running.  But I screwed up my back and completely fell off the wagon last August.

I wanted to run again, which disturbs me and makes me question my mental state, but I didn’t want to hurt myself, obviouslyJenni had success with the Couch to 5K program, and because I want to be her when I grow up or maybe just wear her skin, I tried that too.

It was a bit of a shaky start.  Not through any fault of the C25K, it’s just that it wasn’t a very nice spring here, and there was all this weather.  So, y’know.  Commitment wavered.  The first 3 weeks of the program took me about six weeks, in reality.

(Which is where most of us live.  In reality.  If we didn’t, I wouldn’t have this problem.)

But I got on track, and now I’m on week 5, and killing the 8-minute intervals.  So far, no injuries.  At some point, I got all enthusiastic and “liked” the Couch to 5K program on Facebook, and they post really helpful articles, one of which is the reason I’m still running and not lying on my couch stoned on painkillers.

Want to know the secret?  It’s simple: don’t stretch.

Well, to be specific, don’t stretch if it already hurts.  This seemed counter-intuitive to me, but if the muscle is already tight and achy, it’s been damaged, and stretching it will damage it more.  Instead, you’re supposed to go for a massage – I guess the article was written to include celebrities and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies – or give yourself a massage with what I like to call the Pool Noodle of Pain.


(That is not me, by the way.  That person is waaaayyy too tanned.  And I’m only that pixelated before I’ve had coffee.)

I spend a lot of time on that Pool Noodle.  Sitting on it.  Grinding it on my groinal area. We’re….awfully close, me and the Pool Noodle of Pain, but I’m still running, so I guess it’s worth investing in the relationship.

What’s that you say?  Have I lost any weight?  Uh, well…I’m a little too fond of my red wine, and my cake, and those cookies they have at the office.   So…no.  I’ll probably always be on the double-digits side of the women’s wear department.

Although…there’s a Couch to TEN K program.