At first blush

I am a very pale person.  I have freckles and I always have to use the fairest shade of foundation.  I have a comprehensive ethnic blend of Scots, Brit, and more Scots in me and I cannot acquire a tan unless I spend ten minutes every day outside for the entire summer.

So it goes without saying that I blush pretty easily.

I don’t, however, embarrass that easily. The automatic flush that happened every time I opened my mouth when I was younger is a distant memory.

Or.  Well.  I thought it was, until lately.  Apparently, I haven’t felt off my kilter in a long time.  Because now, suddenly, speaking up in a meeting or even talking to the boss can turn me beet-colored.

I’m not sure what the blush criteria are, though, to be honest.  It seems to happen very randomly.  I can have normal, work-related conversations with my employers.  I can voice my opinions.  I don’t feel embarrassed.  I don’t get flustered and my voice doesn’t quake.  I just…turn purple, sometimes.  And then it disappears, just as quickly.

I think that it mostly happens when people are staring at me.  Or when I’m not 100% sure of what I’m talking about. 

So…I should probably stop talking out of my ass.

(Hey, I didn’t say which cheeks were rosy.)