Did you guys have a good Mother’s Day?  I did, I think.  Though I kind of feel like it went like this:

Get up to tend to child.  Do laundry.  Enjoy breakfast, but quickly, we’re on a schedule.  Do dishes.  Phone mothers.  Arrange for child’s desired agenda.  More laundry.  Write blog post.  Tidy living room.  Feed child.  Nap child.  More laundry.  Enjoy dinner, but quickly.  More dishes. 

Okay, now I have time to enjoy Mother’s Day.

What do you mean it’s Tuesday?

It seems like I spend the majority of my weekend preparing for the rest of my week, now that I have an actual job where they expect me to be professional and stuff, and Alfred has a job where he has to do the same.  I never realized how much I could accomplish by bossing him around while he was home during the days.

The preschooler is chafing a bit under the New World Order, as well: his days are a little longer, and he has to deal with tandem parenting now.  He’s not used to having us there to back each other up, so I kind of feel like our days go like this:









It’s all a bit of a blur, really. 

And how have you guys been?  I expect to have some more time eventually to visit blogs and catch up.  May 21st for sure, as the Rapture is supposed to arrive and I imagine that will make my life a little less busy.

At the very least, it will free up some parking.