I hear the bubonic plague is making a comeback

So!  Not only do I have a fabulous new job (that I start Monday omgomgomgomgI’mhyperventilating), but this week Alfred also got hired for a summer internship in his field.

As in, a day job.  DAY JOB.

For the last three years, we’ve been struggling to manage parenting and our relationship while working opposite shifts.  It…hasn’t been easy.  The logistics are exhausting, the support is minimal, the lack of face time is detrimental.

But now, we’ll all be on the same schedule.  Like regular people!  With weekends off!  And dinners where nobody bolts down their food and kisses everybody else goodbye with rice still falling out of their mouth!

I’m fairly certain the novelty will wear off after the first few weeks, but still, we’ll be able to have family tv-zombie time, and I’ll have people to boss around in the yard.  I can exercise!  Or take a class!

Things can’t possible be allowed to go this well, can they?  Surely one of us will break a leg or develop festering sores, so that the universe has its balance.

I’d spend time taking preventative measures, but I’m too busy being upbeat.


(Wait – does this mean I won’t be able to spend every evening reading blogs?)