Update: Now called "Touch My Pooh and I'll Cut a Bitch", because something about the last title was like crack for spammers

Remember a couple of months ago?  When I went to Blissdom?

Yeah, me neither, really.  My memory clearly isn’t what it used to be, because apparently I totally forgot to tell you about the coolest thing I got while I was there: an original painting of my son, from the lovely Michele.

(I didn’t actually forget.  I wanted to wait until it was framed.  But then I forgot it at the framers.  And then the framers lost the paperwork and forgot to call me, so…yeah.  Aren’t you glad I’m a ‘details’ person?)


xander painting

(It’s sitting on a chair, as the location of its permanent home is pending.  Because I haven’t had much time to decide on that, you know.)

Isn’t it gorgeous?  I was so thrilled when she gave it to me that I actually cried.  And then I had to kill everyone before they told anybody, but I guess I’m losing my killer instinct as well as my memory, because I let Michele live.

She can even still paint.  I bet if you crossed her palm with gold she’d paint one for you too.