I’m not sure if this would look cool or just OLD.

I haven’t had a trip to the hairdresser in a while, which is always bad news.  In fact, right before Blissdom, I was thinking that my roots were looking…rooty, and considering sneaking in for an appointment before I left.  And yet here we are, almost 6 weeks later.

So I need to go, but as my hair grows out, I’ve become kind of reluctant to make the appointment.  Because I’m fascinated by the development of this:


Can you see that?  That patch of grey silver right in the front?  I have a few old person hairs elsewhere, but that is a solid skunk stripe of grey silver growing out from under my dye job.  I had no idea it was there until recently.  It’s like I’m slowly turning into Rogue or Cruella DeVille.

Or maybe it’s scar tissue.  Someone lobotomized me when I wasn’t looking.