So long, and thanks for all the fish: Random Tuesday Thoughts

It’s Tuesday!  My favorite day of the week, and yours!

(If it’s not yours, just lie and tell me it is.  Then tell me I’m pretty.)


When nerds collide:

Me: “I think I’m going to get the hairdresser to leave the grey stripe in my hair.”

Alfred: “’Rogue’-ing it out?  Are you going to start calling me ‘shugah’?  Should I start calling you chere?”

Me: “No…without the Cajun accent, it just sounds like you’re calling me Cher, and that’s weird.”

Both: “If I could ttuuurrrn baacck ttiime!

The beautiful Naomi from featured me on SheKnows’ Daily Delights as one of the Top 10 Humor Blogs.  I know, I’m worried about her mind a little too.  Maybe we should take up a collection or…drop off a casserole or something.

We had some horrible illness roll through the UnMom household this past week that I became convinced was strep, so at one point I broke out the penicillin I had laying around hoarded for the zombie apocalypse.  I didn’t mention it to Alfred and suggested he go to the medi clinic to get his own.

Sadly, I think that’s fairly predictive of how I will actually behave when the zombies arrive.

Oh, don’t get all altruistic on me.  You’ll throw yours under the bus when the shit comes down too.

Watching married people flirt (with people they’re not married to) continuously on Twitter is like reading a description of a slow-motion train wreck, one sentence every 5 minutes.

Also, it makes me want to barf.

The Star Trek theme played on a musical saw.

I just gave my stupid fucking dog the Heimlich.  Jeebus.  She’s a garbage disposal, I don’t even know what she was choking on.  She coughed it up AND THEN ATE IT AGAIN.

Note to self: Asking choking dog “Can you breathe?” and “Are you choking?” repeatedly is unlikely to get you a reply.  Not only is she choking, but she's a DOG.  

And now, to be totally random, I’m announcing the hiatus of Random Tuesday Thoughts. 

No, I’m not kidding. 

It’s not you, it’s me.

*cue cheesy montage film and RTT and I during better times*

*swell of music*

*fade to black with last piano notes*

Since it’s the last one for a while, you should visit all the other linkers.  There are some fantastic blogs out there and I’ve been honored to host for some of them every Tuesday.  Or you could go back to where it all began.

Random up, y’all!