Oh, there was some stuff and some things and some links to distract you from my lack of clever: Random Tuesday Thoughts


So, it’s been kind of a week, huh?  I kinda had a little breakdown there but I’m feeling much better.  I recommend one every 6 weeks or so, whether you need it or not.  It’s cathartic and sometimes you lose weight.

And then Japan happened.  Oh, Japan…I don’t even know what to say.  Mother Earth is such a bitch.

So with that healthy dose of shit-flavored Perspective Medicine, let’s have a few random inane thoughts, shall we?

I forwarded this “romantic” Batman-themed hotel room (that you can rent for, ahem, 3 hours at a time) to Alfred.  Then a (male) friend of ours shared the same link on Alfred’s FB wall.  Um…awkward?

Men Without Hats is coming here in June.  They’re Alfred’s favorite 80s One Hit Wonder, so much so, in fact, that ALL their songs are now “hits” as far as he’s concerned.  This household is well-versed in Men Without Hats.  Their show coincides with Alfred’s birthday, so he’s organized a bunch of friends to attend.

During their relevant period, he (and I) actually listened only to metal (if you count White Lion as metal, in my case.  Which he doesn’t. BUT I DO).  So if you didn’t like it the first time around, does that make a person retro-chic?  Or are you still just Old?

I think I revealed far too much of my younger self in that paragraph.

I called H&R Block last week to see if I needed an appointment to get my taxes done.  “No, it should be fine,” they told me.  “Even if mine are a wee bit complicated?” I clarified. “Oh, no, you don’t need an appointment, you can just come in.”

So I went there today.

“We’re very busy,” they apologized.  “You’ll have to make an appointment.  It’s tax season.


I had this idea once:


…except with entire sleepers for babies that are in the crawling phase.

It’s called MULTI-TASKING.  (via nedhardy.com)

Identify with any of these?

Do you guys have one of those friends on FB who you used to know, like 20 years ago, and you know they still live in your city, and you see them every once in a while and you’re fairly certain it’s them but when you’re close enough to actually make eye contact, they totally go out of their way to avoid it?

Do you ever wonder if the friend is asking their friends the same damn question?

Now gather round, like moths to a flame, and share your own Random Thoughts.