No comment: Random Tuesday Thoughts



Tuesdays in February kind of suck.  Actually, maybe it’s just February in general.

So far, 2011 isn’t really doing me any favors, how bout you guys?

Squarespace has implemented a stupid word verification thing on my comment form, and I can’t disable it.  I’m really, really, REALLY sorry.  I can put Disqus on here, but then it makes all the old comments disappear and that makes me crazy.

I like to go back and read them.  It cheers me up.

Anybody have any other hosted-elsewhere commenting software ideas?

A patent from 1963 for facilitating childbirth through centrifugal force.  Yeah.  All my groovy hypnobirthing mama friends are gonna love that one.  (via Geekologie)

Why is it “by” accident, but “on” purpose?

Art is everywhere, even in used-up no. 2 pencils.

It’s not at my house, lately, though.  I had big plans for creative things this weekend and I…painted with the toddler.

(That is, he painted and I half-heartedly splotched paint on paper beside him, I didn’t actually use him as a brush.)

I spent my meditation time today…thinking about drawing a comic about meditation.  I am never going to get the hang of this.

That is all.  Go forth, be random.