Also, a sarcasm font.

Recently a friend sent me a link to this article, which is basically a summary of Dooce’s history and what elements in it mean that she makes millions of dollars and you don’t. 

I replied, “Seems like tenacity and personal drama are the X-factors for blogging success.  Unfortunately I have one and not the other!”

(Tenacity.  It’s TENACITY, OBVIOUSLY.)

She wrote back, “ha! let's not overlook your keen wit and unerring fashion sense. a broad can go far with a wisecrack and an arched eyebrow :)”

To which I had to wonder, how does one display an arched eyebrow in a blog post, exactly?

I mean, I can arch one eyebrow.  I actually practiced as a teenager until I had mastered it.  But YOU don’t know that.

So from now on, for all wisecracks and “wtf” moments, I need a way to show you that I’m raising an eyebrow.

Maybe an emoticon?  `:-/

Ehn…that says more “there’s something on your forehead, did you eat your lunch at a trough?” to me.

An ASCII drawing?

                        DDDD.         D 
                      NDD?            D 
                   .DDDD.              .

Wow.  Well that seems…tedious.

You know what?  I think I’ll just stick with short sentences and strategically placed swear words.

*arches one eyebrow*