Possibly Barbie didn’t like Ken stealing her jeans: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Oh, hi!  I didn’t see you there.  Behind the massive pile of empty Lindt chocolate wrappers.  Um…just let me move those.

I don’t have a problem, you know.  Just the occasional binge.  Once a year, really.

Well, okay, Hallowe’en too. 

And, yes, Christmas.  Thanksgiving is also a problem.  Really that whole season is always a bit of a blur…all of these holidays seem like cleverly-designed plots to make me gain another 5 lbs.  I’m not sure who I should complain to about that.

Anyway!  It’s Tuesday!  You know what that means, right?  Write your own random post, grab a button, leave a link and then go shower your fellow V-Day survivors with love! (You have some left, right?)

Levis has a new jeans style for men: The Ex-Girlfriend Jean.  Because…of course they do.  They’re uber-skinny jeans, stretchy, with a nice crotch-hugging effect which works out well, since obviously there are no balls there anymore.

(Does anybody else think we’re getting a little androgynous?  Like we’re aspiring to be that sexless race of highly-evolved alien type humanoids, but we want to get there tomorrow?)

*sings sadly*  Where have all…the real men gone…and where… *sob* ..are all the gods? Where’s the street-wise Heeerrrrculeeees *sniffle* to fight…the rising odds?

How was your Valentine’s Day?  Alfred and I don’t really acknowledge it, because, we don’t like to get mired down in “expectations” and “doing stuff for each other”.  But he usually brings me chocolates.  It’s a bit of a highwire act, what with the “you’re trying to make me fat?!” reaction versus the “you didn’t get me anything?!” reaction.  I think he errs on the side of caution, however, since at least if I’m placated with chocolate I’m less likely to cut a bitch.

I had a very productive weekend full of job applications and drawing comics.  Also, chocolate.

StumbleUpon somehow knew I would like this.  I’m sure I’m on a list somewhere now.  They’ll either be watching me very carefully or asking me to visit small warring countries with a sniper rifle in a diplomatic pouch.

Battlepug.  That…pretty much explains itself.  Interestingly, I have high hopes for the storyline.

How come you never draw comics about YOUR ugly pets?  Oh, fine.  You can just write a random post.  And link up.  I’M SO DEMANDING.