Some random thoughts about BlissDom. Of course.

Holy crap, how did it get to be Tuesday?  A person goes to a lavish resort hotel for an awesome conference with fantastic people and the week just flies by.

The Hotel: 52 acres of opulent, bio-domed, well-oiled machine, including but not limited to: 10 restaurants, a gelato shop, a 2-story waterfall, a musical fountain, several other waterfalls, a boat ride, 3 bars, some ducks, exotic plants from all over, and a unicorn breeding ground.

You know what they really need?  A “comfortable shoe” store.

The Conference: Everyone was really relaxed, there were some really useful sessions, and some pretty great parties.  Much lower on the swag-o-meter than BlogHer, but we were sedated instead with a constant stream of food and offers of massages.  Also, there was a flash mob and a giant raisin.  So, just like every other conference, right?

I’m sure the National Association of Especially Stern Actuaries totally gets up to spontaneously dance to ‘Party in the USA’ after the closing address.

The People: Well, duh.  This is kind of why we all go, right?  To hang out with amazing women like Becky, Michele, Mary Ann and Beth.  Beth was the only one I didn’t really ‘know’ before the conference, but she definitely gets in the club.  She crochets zombies and is crafting her way through the Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts.  What’s not to love?

I bet I’d still win the “drunken crafting using only gold spraypaint and glow-in-the-dark straws” category, though.  It’s a narrow genre but I’ve made it my own.

A Tableau:


I call it “Slightly Evil-Looking Blue Bunnies, Normally Harbringers of Frozen Treats, Guard Representative Beverage from Amusingly Named Hotel, Just Prior to Session Start”.  

The Takeaway:  Blog conferences are fun.  Someone should sponsor me for the next one.


Aaaaaand, that’s a random wrap.  Grab the button, link up, make it happen!  And don’t forget to visit some of your peeps, because someday you might meet them at a conference, and they’ll be all, “Do you remember that random Tuesday that you didn’t comment on my blog?  I cried for days and ate a lot of peanut butter.”

Blogging is hard.