Oh, my. Is that the last thing I wrote? That invitation to come and ax murder us and wear our skins as cloaks has been up for over a week?

Now I’m rather offended that none of you care enough to wear my skin.

Well, it’s the holidays. You’re busy. I understand. I’m busy myself, I’ve had to cut back on taste-testing my Christmas baking to 5 times per batch instead of the usual 12.

So, speaking of saving time, here’s a volatile subject that is sure to incite flame wars in my comments section: do you single-space or double-space after a period?

See, I am old enough to have been trained in the double-space method. It was ingrained. Then I read this article on Slate about how single-space is the accepted method these days, double-space went out with manual typewriters and the dodo. Somehow, without really thinking about it, I converted to the single-space method. I didn’t actually notice that was the case until a co-worker called me on it.

I’m guessing my inherent laziness probably took over and seized on that one less keystroke with glee. Think of all the energy I’m saving without that extra thumb twitch!

Anyway, what’s your take on it? Neither method really has a solid argument behind it, other than “everybody else is doing it”. Which isn’t a particularly good argument, considering it seems like it’s about 50/50 to me. Are you a single-space cowboy or a traditional double-spacer?