5 apps I can’t live without, unless I got flung back in time for some reason, in which case I’d probably be able to make do with my wit and ability to wield a knife.

I have no idea how the fuck I survived as a teenager. No smartphone? Not even a feature phone? Yeesh.

(That was sarcastic. But still, I heart my phone.)

(All of these apps are for Android, but I’m fairly sure they all have an iPhone equivalent, if not Blackberry as well. What’s that? Windows phone? I’m sorry, the line for the underdog-sympathizers is over there.)

1. SparkPeople. SparkPeople has a website as well, which is awesome for tracking your calories and fitness and making fitness plans and general recommendations, and it’s totally free. I like them both because they also track how balanced your diet is, and then give you shit if you’re shorting yourself in one area (hint: YOUR BODY NEEDS FAT. NO, REALLY.). The one shortcoming of the app is it’s sort of a pain to track strength exercise (cardio is a breeze).

2. Evernote. Evernote helps those of us with memory issues and/or issues with misplacing the paperwork you totally needed for that loan application and/or social services visit. It syncs up between your phone, your PC and the cloud, and you can use it to enter notes, clip text or webpages, and take photos. The photos are even searchable, so you can just snap a pic of a business card instead of typing it all in. Also totally free. You probably already have it, but if not, you should.

3. EEBA. Yay! Budgeting! I AM A FUCKING ROCK STAR. Whatever, don’t judge me on my coolness on this one. We decided we needed to stick with a household budget for a while. This app gives you virtual “envelopes” (it stands for Easy Envelope Budgeting App, but I always want to yell EEBA! EEEEEEEEEEEBBBBBAAAAAAAAAA! like in Wall-E. Okay, you’re judging me again. Stop it.) to track your spending. You can sync it between multiple phones and on the web. Interesting! Alfred spent $25 at 7-11 again.

4. Out of Milk. Okay, I think I’m losing some cool factor here. Yes, this is a grocery shopping list app. But…um, you can maintain a list of what’s already in your pantry, so you don’t buy 25 cans of 6-bean blend like some people. You can also make your shopping list by voice (even if it does keep correcting ‘bread’ to ‘Fred’, because holy hell, OBVIOUSLY I AM OUT OF FRED), and you can scan the barcodes on your stuff to automatically enter it. It doesn’t always have it in the database, but it will learn for the next time.

Okay, I could probably live without that one, but it’s cool anyway.

6.  RunKeeper. I am not running as much as I was, what with the chronic illness and the roller derby and the Hallowe’en candy (Note to self: pay neighbourhood kids to run in front of me, luring me with Hallowe’en candy), but I still love this app. It tracks all kinds of exercise, but for distance exercises it will also use GPS to spy on you and tell you how far/fast you’ve gone. It also syncs with your online account, and gives you encouraging emails about how you’ve gone the farthest so far this month! the fastest this week! …and so on. (It did once send me a “we haven’t seen you in a month” email. I could probably also live without that.)

So, there you go. Aside from Angry Birds and Tweetdeck, that’s what’s on my phone. What’s on yours?