Sounds of Silence

Hello blogging my old friend

I’ve come to talk with you again

Because a dozen emails for me

Left me feeling slightly guilty

And the guilt that was planted deep inside my brain

Still remains

It may be grounds for violence.


In half an hour I have at home

(That’s half an hour when I’m alone)

I have to race to fold laundry,

I barely have time to pee,

When the kid who was meant to be in bed gets up and whines

Every time

My mind can’t form a sentence.


But in my Reader tab I saw

Ten thousand blog posts, maybe more

Blog posts that I haven’t read

Unanswered are the comment threads

People writing posts that deserve my time and more

Who’s keeping score?

I think I need some guidance.


“Meh,” I said, “I’d rather go

“And read a book or watch a show

“And yet I feel I should prob’ly read a few

“I should write something, yeah, that too

But my words, they get lost in the lack of time

I’ll write “feelin’ fine”

Or offer up a pittance.


And yet here I still remain

It’s probably because I’m vain

Who doesn’t like the comment love?

I’ll stick with it when push comes to shove

These days, the voice of the people is written on Facebook walls

And off-hand scrawls

I’d never wish it silent.



(Okay, picture me staring soulfully into the camera like these guys. That’s how I feel. Really.)