State of affairs

So this is the current state of affairs in my basement.

2011-10-19 18.06.01

Grisly, right? (Actually it’s probably tidier than before.)

They’re only about half done tearing it out. In a few days there will be nothing left but concrete walls, a concrete floor, and a few spiders that are extra bitey because they’re pissed off about not having anywhere to hide.

And probably that fan. I think every basement gets one, standard issue.

They are taking pictures of what they find, in terms of mold and general grossness, and every day I sneak down there and flip through the photos and start to feel like I should retroactively be developing pneumonia, blacklung and, um, pleurisy or something. Then I run back up the stairs because mold spores can’t climb stairs.

Everybody knows that.

(Ugh, is it mould or mold?)

In other news, that Something that was pretty much Nothing turned out to be actually Nothing. I can’t say I recommend having a Trans-Esophageal Echocardiogram done, because that part was about as horrible as expected. My gag reflex may never recover. But, as the cardiologist gleefully told a waiting Alfred, “your wife is perfectly normal!”

Then he had to clarify that he meant just my heart because Alfred has a lot of evidence to the contrary, and he’s not afraid to share it.

So that’s the update from me. How about you?