We’ve already established where the computer will live. Priorities.

Remember this summer, when I whined constantly about being sick for weeks on end? And Alfred and Xander were both chronically sick too, and we seriously considered buying stock in antibiotics?

(Oh, and guess what? We’re all sick again! Ear infections all round! Yayyyayyyy! *waves limp arms in the air, Kermit-style*)

After the second round of antibiotics I grew suspicious. That our own house was trying to kill us.

Oh, c’mon, don’t tell me you’ve never thought it.

Anyway, the environmental/air quality dude finally came out and proved me right. Neener neener! They don’t have to check me in to a white fitted coat after all. Our basement is, indeed, filled with mold. Thanks to a floody spring and an ill-conceived wooden subfloor, things are…growing.

(The same basement that our computer is in. That I am currently typing on. I’m…holding my breath, swearsies. DON’T CUT ME OFF FROM THE COMPUTER!)

The good news is that the majority of the ‘cleanup’ is covered by the provincial disaster fund. The inconvenient news is that, a week from today, a crew is coming out to rip out my entire basement and I have until then to relocate everything that I want to keep.

Did I mention that our house is a whopping 700 square feet? It’s going to be a cozy winter on the main floor of the Un Mom home.

Maybe they should keep that white coat on reserve, after all.