You just KNOW I’m going to have a whole post about phlegm tomorrow: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Tuesday, Tuesday…la la, la la la…sure like that daaayyy…la la, la la la…

Am I allowed to use god-related exclamations?  Because I’m especially fond of the phrase, “Lord, love a duck,” and I want to use it often, but I don’t want to offend any Christians.  Or waterfowl.  Or…Christian waterfowl.

There is this mysterious series of people that follow me on Twitter.  They almost always only have 15-20 tweets under their belt, but somehow have amassed 1000 followers.  Their tweets always start with a few on the variation of “Can you hear me now, Gillian?” and then continue with a series of completely nonsensical sentence fragments like “It is insoluble riddles” and “condescending conditional mario”.

Is this some kind of treasure-hunt conspiracy theory thing that I’m supposed to be puzzling out?  Do I get a gold bar or a dusty parchment map if I figure it out?  Because it’s driving me crazy trying to decipher what, if anything, these ‘people’ are trying to accomplish.

I mean, nobody can be THAT bored.

I have cleared out my Google Reader.  I read everything.  It’s a good thing I didn’t make any New Years resolutions, because End Times are obviously nigh.

Star Wars pinups.  For the more depraved among us.  (*cough*)

I think I’m going to take one random thought per week and turn it into an actual post.  We’ll call it a “writing exercise” (rather than “my life is really boring so all I have are these random tidbits”).  Deal?  You can join me, if you like.

I mean, you can take one of YOUR OWN random thoughts.  Not mine.  Thieves.

I have had this weird pressure in my throat for a few days, like a lump.  It doesn’t seem to go away when I swallow.

I think it’s a scream.  Though I suppose it’s just as likely that it’s phlegm.  Or that hamster I had for breakfast.

Last week someone told me she’d been criticized for participating in Random Tuesday Thoughts at the same time as a different blog carnival thing.  I totally understand that this is the coolest meme out there, and y’all might get proprietary about that, but it’s really okay to tag-team RTT with whatever other Tuesday thing you like.  If you think you need my permission, which you don’t.  It’s blogging, after all – we’re just making this shit up as we go along.

And looking fabulous doing it, of course.

After the rise of comic book popularity, and movies like Kick Ass, it was really only a matter of time before someone actually went ahead and did it.  While I’m impressed by the…ball bearings…on this guy, I think I’ll stick with being a hero and giving blood the old-fashioned way.

(By shooting it out of people.)

…What?  I’m still working on my career as an assassin.  It’s a slow start, mostly because it’s hard to wait outside for my targets when it’s minus 20 (-35 with the windchill!). 

Maybe I’ll stick with character assassination.

But not you guys, of course.  Unless someone paid me.  Which they probably won’t because you’re doing a fine job on your own, so, you’re still welcome to play along with Random Tuesday Thoughts!

And you should.  You really, really should.