The fact that I’ve gone back to drinking doesn’t make the celery more appealing: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Is it Tuesday?  Y’know what that means? 

It means tomorrow is Hump Day, and I have to endure all the same old tired jokes about that.  It’s especially aggravating because I don’t work Mondays, so technically everybody is getting humped but me.

Also, it means you should write a random post and then put that pretty* purple button on it and link up.

*I’ve decided I’ve been hurting the button’s feelings by calling it fugly.  Words are powerful, you know.

So I’m getting fatter.  Now, before you start getting all, “Oh, pshaw, you look great!  Everyone knows the blog adds 10 pounds,”, I’m just stating a fact.  I’m not beating myself up about it, because this time it is not my fucking fault.

It must be the menopause (the gift that keeps on giving!) or my thyroid or something, because I’m not eating anymore than usual, I’m drinking plenty of water, I’m even exercising.  (A little. Okay, just some yoga, but that TOTALLY COUNTS.)  I’ve even given up my beloved bottle glass of wine a night.


That’s it.  Clearly my body thinks it’s the fucking apocalypse and is storing fat against starvation or possible long-term siege by zombies!  Excuse me, I think I have to go pour a drink.

In a few weeks I am going to go do a tradeshow in my “EcoAdvisor for OnlyGreen” capacity.  In a small town about an hour from here.  So…yeah.  That could be fun.

Or it could be a long day full of awkward conversations in a building that serves as town hall/hockey rink/grain storage and that hasn’t been maintained since the 50s.

Either way it’s worth it’s weight in blog material.

In case you were wondering, Tuna Helper with the following substitutions: crab meat for tuna, brown rice pasta for the regular noodles, goats milk for regular milk, and butter for margarine? Tastes just fine.

…What?  Tuna is gross.

A 3D dinosaur made in pancakes.  (As well as an entire blog dedicated to creative pancaking.) Oh, go on Stacey, you know you’re gonna have to try.

I found what is essentially my dream job posted last week, so now I’m trying to fluff up my portfolio to apply.  It’s…slim.

Sliim is in, right?


(I may have to forfeit sleep for the next few days.)

I have one blog in my Google Reader that I’ve tried to unsubscribe to for months.  And it keeps coming back.  It was driving me batshit crazy, and then the blogger stopped blogging, and I was all like, phew!  I don’t have to go insane trying to unsubscribe to that person’s blog anymore, I can just ignore it in the list!

And then they posted a “hey, I’m back!” post.  I’m pretty sure it was just to fuck with me.

It’s finally “Fall” here.  As in “actually sunny and sort of warm with a crisp wind, not pouring rain and 5 degrees like it’s been for the last 3 weeks”.  I pulled all the dead things out of my garden and realized that the celery, in fact, appeared unharmed.  Despite the several nights of hard frost.

Who knew?  Apparently what will survive the Apocalypse is roaches, Twinkies, and celery.

Anyway.  I dug it all up and cut it into sticks and now there are 2 full jugs of celery sticks sitting in my fridge like I’m on some kind of mad diet.  Pretty sure nobody’s going to eat that but me.

Man, I don’t even like celery.

I heart Strongbow.

Oooohhkaay, well, I’m out.  Are you in?  Random up and leave your link – and maybe some comment love for your compadres, hmm?