Body Snatchers sounds kind of dirty at this stage in my life: Random Tuesday Thoughts

Oh, HAI.  Didn’t see you there.  Thought I’d use some lolcat-speak to cover up my embarrassment.

Oh, you didn’t see me picking my nose?  Um, never mind then.  Carry on.

So it’s Tuesday, when we do this Thing.  If you’re not familiar,  you just write a random post and then take your copy of that ugly purple button up there (new and improved! now with more ham!) and then link up.  Ready? Randomize!

Sorry that there’s only been one post since last  Tuesday.  I’ve been busy giving advice.

Storm Trooper Varsity Jackets.  I think we should all pitch in and buy one for Christmas for Captain Dumbass.

When I was a kid, I was accidentally allowed to watch part of a tv show that was overviewing old horror movies.  I saw a clip from The Blob, and one from the original Body Snatchers.  You know, where you could only tell your friends & neighbours were aliens because of the mark on the back of their neck?

For months, I had a bedtime ritual meant to thwart the body snatchers in their attempts to grab me.  I laid my duvet in a diamond shape and lay down on top of it.  I flipped the end over my feet, and then wrapped one side around me and the other over top, and pulled the top of the diamond over my head until only my face showed.  It was the Burrito of Body Snatching Alien Protection.

What? It worked, didn’t it?

Although I wonder, sometimes, when I’m staring around at my house and my SUV and my kid and my life of utter domesticity…that maybe they got me later on, after all.

Here’s the timeline of the eroding Facebook privacy policy.  In case you’re wondering what they’re allowed to do with your information now, here’s a summary:  whatever the fuck they want.

I feel like I’m definitely getting sick.  Which is fine and expected, since BITCH WHORE Mother Nature deemed it Winter 3 weeks ago.  Except that I called in sick to work last week when, apparently, I wasn’t.  Do you think they’ll buy it two weeks running?

How zombies learned to run. (Read to the end.  Especially if you’re my mom, cause she loves her a good pun.)

Thanks, everybody, for your thoughtful opinions on my rant about underpaid creative talent.  It was a pretty good dialogue.  I should maybe hold opinions more often.

I’m digging this Windows Live Writer thing.

If superheroes were hipsters.  (Now, at least, I know what a hipster is.)

I’ll never be a hipster.  I’m still a kind of cool, though, right?  With this purple button and all?

*hugs purple button sadly*

Sigh.  Just leave your link.

Oh, and visit a few of your compadres.  Slackers.