Possibly exercise is not in my best interest, after all. Or yours.

I realized the other day: my lack of bloggy mojo directly correlates with my lack of exercising.  I do some of my best thinking while I'm walking or running. 

(I made that realization while I was walking to the bank.  See?)

For instance, during that same walk, after a while I started to think about blogging. 

What?  I'm focussed  professional lame.

Anyway, I started to wonder about some of the more popular bloggers and what they have in common.  Other than the obvious sharp wit and clever turn of phrase, that is.  And then I realized - advice columns. They have advice columns!  They win friends and influence people!  I should totally have an advice column.

I promise to wield my power wisely.  At the most I might accidentally convince someone that slathering mayonnaise in her hair is a great idea.

(Maybe it is, actually.  I should look that up.)

What do you think?  I'm a fucking genius?  Worst idea ever?  Don't care, because OMG nobody else will listen to me pleeeeaaassseee help?

I think you should submit your questions via that little comment form thingie over on the right, serious or not ('not' is preferable.  I don't want to start off trying to advise someone on whether or not to unplug their father-in-law from life support, you guys).  And I shall advise!  It will be grand!

What could possibly go wrong??